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The challenges, fears and the liberation of doing it over 40. 

Travel can have a whole new meaning when we reach this phase in our lives.  Stress of life and work have zapped our energy over the years and travel planning then becomes a daunting task for many of us.  We’re at the point where we need to take health, comfort level, and safety into more consideration than we did during our carefree college days.  

In our twenties and maybe thirties, it was probably easier to book a last-minute trip without scrutinizing details.  The logistics of travel planning and execution become more time-intensive the older we get. And the “what if’s” start to invade our thoughts, especially if we have children and other dependents to worry about. 

  At the time of writing this, I will almost be 50!  So, I know about the fears and trepidations of venturing out on your own. I also know the rewards of solo travel.  I’m inspired by so many men and women I have met who, despite their challenges, grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to really experience life and travel beyond borders. I myself want to remain healthy and fit enough to keep exploring for several more years, so I do everything possible, including following my own advice I share in my “Naked Truth” blog.  

Most people who reach out to me through my blogs or social media are in their thirties to sixties. Even the millennials are starting to get concerned about their health and its impact on their future. What If found interesting is that most of them are experiencing a big shift: a life-changing event such as a death of a loved one, a divorce, a forced career change, or a “What the %*!# am I doing in this life” moment. For others, it’s a sudden awakening out of nowhere and they decide to hit the reset button on life and living.   


But what about our health? 

We all know after 40, the age-related conditions are more common: Diabetes, fatigue, arthritic joints, hypertension, and even our hormones wreak havoc with us.  It seems like there is a global epidemic of life shifting and health deterioration in this age range! 

Sometimes a health crisis can force you into this sense of urgency to live life you already have, or launch you into a health-seeking journey, sometimes to another country.   

Fatigue, joint pain, metabolic diseases, hormone issues, and all the other age-related issues don’t need to hinder your travel experience. I’ll be sharing my knowledge as a health professional and my own personal experiences to help you optimize your investment and make sure your travel experience is a joy and not such a burden!

We may not be in our twenties anymore, but I can show you how to make limoncello out of lemons; capitalize on your strengths and your self-healing abilities to create your own award-winning life stories whether you travel or not!  


  1. Carson

    Highly energetic blog, I loved that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

    • Dr. Melanie

      Thank you and Yes! I certainly hope so, and soon! I’ve been busy with my health blog but this website is becoming a high priority as well.


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