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I’m all about food, especially when I travel! 

Authentic Cuisine 

Indulgent and Decadent Eats 

Wines, Spirits and Cocktails 






and All Other Healthy Eats and Drinks 


This is where you will find something for all tastes and diet types. I’m personally an omnivore who eats gluten-free (depending on the country) but I indulge in just about all cuisines. I live a keto-based lifestyle and recently started strict intermittent fasting schedule. This should make meal planning easier for my next trip!

Do you feel food choices are so limited because you committed to a diet or goal? 

Does a health or medical condition create challenges and stress you out when looking at a foreign menu?

Are you prone to migraines or headaches?

I will address these and many more food-stress situations for healthy traveling! 


If you have a medical condition and you’re concerned about your diet sucking the joy out of your travels, follow me on this blog (and social media).  

I’m a functional medicine doctor in the U.S. so I know a thing or two about nutrition!  But it would be wise to check with your doctor before putting any of my recommendations on your eating agenda!

Pictured here is a deliciously refreshing and light dessert I had at Two Trees Eatery in Canggu, Bali (Berawa Beach). It was a very hot day in March 2018 so the sweet potato ice cream just hit the spot after a long day walking around town.  It was topped with a raw cacao, date and chia seed slice laid over a bed of fresh coconut and raspberry salad.  Delicious! I wish I had time to devour the entire menu. The owner is from France and she was a delight to speak with.  I think this was my favourite part of my stay in Canggu! 


  1. turkce

    This is great! I wish I would have prepared better when hubby and I wentto Peru, stayed in Cusco and hiked the Inca Trail. Noella Barry Darlene

    • Dr. Melanie

      Thank you for reading and commenting! There is so much useful info shared on blogs to learn from when planning your next trip! I will be posting more soon. 🙂


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