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Finding trusted and credible practitioners when you travel is so important.

We invest so much time into planning our travels and let’s not forget the hard-earned money! The last thing we need is to fall sick or experience an injury that robs us of sightseeing enjoyment. A trusted and reviewed recommendation comes in handy should you need a professional in a foreign country (especially one in which you don’t speak the language). As a natural health doctor with experience in lifestyle medicine, functional (nutrition) medicine, Ayurveda, and chiropractic, I will share my professional insights (and for many, my personal experience) in every post in this section.

Did you hurt your back, lifting luggage out of the overhead compartment?
Did you have a migraine attack?
Did you eat something you totally regret?

Are you looking for recovery or healing? Is rejuvenation on your shortlist? Or do you simply you just need a break from it all?

This section is especially useful if you need to recover or rejuvenate and you’re hoping “somewhere out there”, is a healing experience for you.

  • Native healers
  • Spa therapies
  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Bodyworkers
  • Dance and Exercise
  • Chiropractors (of course!)
  • Herbalists
  • Functional Medicine practitioners
  • Medical Doctors and Researchers in Lifestyle Medicine and Natural Health

Exploring new techniques from ancient and current practices worldwide is one of my favorite parts of travel. As a natural doctor and holistic practitioner, I will give you the insider perspective and share how this can benefit different types of individuals.  

 Coming soon: I will be publishing a list on this website containing all recommended services, restaurants, and practitioners and featuring the ones I have visited myself. Some will be places I have been invited to, some I have secretly shopped and others I have found through research or referral and interviewed. 


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