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Tips and strategies for staying safe, better health, and reducing stress. 

Have you ever worried about blowing your travel budget on medical bills versus the trip itself?

There are countless things to think about if you want to ensure a safe, healthy trip. Spending time in the hotel bathroom instead of on the beach is not what you want nor planned for. I’ve got the obvious topics covered but also from my experience as a traveler and doctor, the little things we don’t normally think about will also be in this blog.

  • Digestive health and upset prevention.
  • Sun health and protection.
  • Jet lag.
  • Prevent holiday and travel weight gain.
  • Hair and makeup in transit.
  • Hormones and hot flashes.
  • Women’s safety.
  • Solo travel precautions.
  • Hangover preventions and cures.
  • Coping with arthritis during travel.
  • Mental Alertness for Safety.
  • Affordable gadgets and tools to keep your valuables and your family safe.
  • And SO much more!

If you have a particular topic you would like me to cover or a question, please drop a comment in the box below. (If you have the question, I bet at least 20 other people do as well!)

Coming soon: I will be publishing a list containing all recommended services, restaurants, and practitioners and featuring the ones I have visited myself. This list will continually grow as I continue to travel and connect with resources worldwide. Some will be places I have been invited to, some I have secretly shopped and others I have found through research or referral and interviewed. 


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