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You really don’t connect with a new place unless you connect with its people. 

At least that’s my experience. 

Wherever I go, I like to blend in and live like a local. I feel I’ve met the most interesting people of all ages, many hardly spoke English, which makes it more interesting, challenging, and authentic. 

In 2016 when my tram broke down in Lisbon, I wandered off into side streets and ended up on a personal historical tour of the city center with a retired gentleman from Goa, India. He worked for the Portuguese government and shared stories of his 40 plus years of living there. 

My 2018 return trip to Bali after three years reconnected me with an endearing sweet elderly lady, Raka who lit up with excitement when I approached her clothing stall in Ubud where I bought my first Balinese attire.  I was so pleasantly surprised she remembered me after that long! 

Recently, I’ve experienced a traditional New Year’s Eve in Lake Como and I was blessed to have the absolutely delicious home-cooked meals throughout the holiday season in Northern Italy while meeting so many lovely and passionate people.  

And last December, I traveled to my birthplace, Hamburg, Germany to celebrate my birthday and try to find my birth records. A typical Deutsche Bahn seat assignment screw up turned a conversation with the woman in my window seat turned into a true journey of friendship and sisterhood. I am so grateful to Carmen! She has been instrumental in helping me solve some mysteries about my birth in Hamburg and well, this story will be its own blog!  

This part of my blog research is effortless, non-intentional, and authentic, especially when I am visiting friends and family abroad.  

But in many places, I like to just be a visitor where I know no one. I’ll be sharing my experience through the eyes of a tourist in many destinations as well! 

The average lifespan of a population and its morbidity and mortality rates are influenced deeply by the culture. 

As a natural health doctor and health writer, I’m always intrigued by the lifestyle habits of other countries. I want to know how their lifestyle and environment impact their health, longevity, and happiness. Why? Because I feel we can all learn a few things from other cultures to help improve our function and well-being. The rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s are alarming in North America. The other reason is that I have my own family history of some of these deadly conditions. And this is one big reason to investigate and share global cultural practices which can help lower our risk of morbidities. 

I will be covering: 

  • Local cooking practices and cuisine.
  • Physical activities and lifestyle tips.
  • Una dia en la vida de un(a) local. A day in the life of a local. 
  • Sports, arts, and history. 
  • And so much more!

    Whether you are looking for new ways to maintain your health, a sneak peek into another country, or considering a relocation, this section may help you design your travels and your lifestyle your way! 


    Coming soon: I will be publishing a list on this website containing all recommended services, restaurants, and practitioners and featuring the ones I have visited myself. Some will be places I have been invited to, some I have secretly shopped and others I have found through research or referral and interviewed. 



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