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Meet Dr. Melanie

Dr. Melanie Dias is an Integrative chiropractor, Ayurvedic practitioner, writer, blogger, and consultant for personal and corporate health-related travel. She is passionately dedicated to connecting people with health-inspired travel resources in various destinations.

After several years in practice, she realized she can combine her love for travel with her love for empowering people to improve their health. Her own challenging life events and health issues provoked her to make this dream happen and she shares her own journey in this blog and in other publications. 

Her post graduate training in functional medicine enables her to coach clients with lifestyle and nutrition and she developed an online health program for subscribers. She focuses mostly on physical performance, autoimmune challenges, and brain health.   

Dr. Melanie’s mission is to help those who want to optimize their health and performance before and during travel and return in a healthier state with incredible life stories to tell. 

“I’m ready to help. Are you ready to transform through travel?