7 Reasons to Go On a Wellness Retreat

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Escaping to a wellness retreat may be the answer to recovering from stress, recharging your batteries, and learning healthier habits. In this article, I will explain why these seven reasons to go on a wellness retreat could be a gateway to a new, healthier you!

What is a Wellness Retreat?

A wellness retreat is a travel experience that allows you to connect with yourself, expand your consciousness, and rejuvenate your body mind, and spirit, within a natural setting.  

However, investing in “restorative travels” comes at a higher cost compared to an all-inclusive vacation. Perhaps at least one of these reasons will convince you it’s worth it!

Reason #1: You Will Disconnect and Do a Much Needed Digital Detox

We are so wound up and overstimulated by technology and the media that our brains never get a full rest. Sleep is disrupted and we wake up drained or agitated.

Simply being away from home, especially if you venture overseas, allows you to detach from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and tune into your new, beautiful surroundings. Wellness retreats have a no cell phone policy in sessions and their Wi-Fi may be restricted to one common area. Completely unplugging may be a challenge, but trust me, once you are in a retreat setting, you may forget you have a cell phone. 

Reason #2: Personal Growth Happens at a Wellness Retreat 

If you are feeling stuck in your life, your career, or your relationships, this reason to go on a wellness retreat could be the pivotal one. Wellness retreat alone is a therapy no matter how involved you are in the program. Going solo is my recommendation. You will be forced out of your comfort zone but without that challenge, there is no growth. 

Watch how you start strengthening your communication skills, express yourself better, and form an international friendship network; perhaps even new business or work opportunities!

Reason #3: Wellness Retreats are Opportunities for Self-Discovery

This may be your “find yourself” reason to go on a wellness retreat. The “Who am I?” objective is just one part of the experience. Some programs include group activities and sessions to encourage sharing as well as mindful activities such as nature walks, meditation, and journaling.  

If you are doing this solo, you can retreat to your room to process and reflect in privacy.

hotel bedroom

Reason #4: A Wellness Retreat Comes With Physical Health Benefits

A physical transformation? Detox? Or Pain Relief? These are popular reasons to go on a wellness retreat. And if you are traveling across timezones, you have already likely arrived jet lagged.

Conditions such as chronic pain, digestive disorders, and autoimmune diseases, can respond well to therapies such as yoga, massage, and other bodywork techniques. Diet counseling and cleanses address our biochemistry which we know plays a big role in how well we function.

Let’s not forget “rest” when you are away at your wellness retreat.  Some of us lack balance in our daily living routines and do not take a rest as often as we should. 

If you are booking a wellness retreat to address a health condition or illness, consult with your physician at home first. Make sure your retreat has a qualified health professional or doctor on staff to evaluate you and oversee your program.

walking through rice field in Bali

Reason #5: Your Mental and Emotional Health Improves at a Wellness Retreat

Grief, depression, trauma, anxiety, brain fog, and burnout (to name a few) are difficult to recover from when you are living in your fishbowl of day-to-day stress. 

Getting away for a wellness retreat and removing yourself from the home and work environment is the first big step toward healing. 

Therapies in a retreat setting such as Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Watsu, Sound Bowl Meditations, and Ayurvedic therapies, including Pranayama and Marma Point Therapy all work in synchrony with physical health therapies to enhance your mental well-being.

siting in lotus pose in yoga at a yoga wellness retreat in Bali

Reason #6: You Will Build New Skills and Healthier Habits

A good wellness retreat won’t let you go home without some valuable resources and newly adopted skills. Some programs include ongoing virtual sessions or one follow-up with the lead therapist or doctor. 

Your entire experience could help you break the old bad habits while the wellness services help you build good ones. Developing new skills is one of the best reasons to go on a wellness retreat. Learning self-care skills such as cooking, better time management, and a healthy routine will feel like the biggest reward once you see the impact after returning home!

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Reason #7: This is Where You Will Put Yourself First… Exclusively

Without interruptions, without background noise, you have distanced yourself enough to entirely focus on you! 

One of the biggest obstacles I see with clients is that they have the toughest time creating healthy boundaries or they cannot focus. Their lives are full of distractions and obligations. Sound familiar?

A destination wellness retreat will cocoon you into a safe space for a set amount of days as you experience your transformation! 

Dr. Melanie sitting on edge of cliff in Sedona, AZ experiencing a wellness retreat


There are many more reasons to go on a wellness retreat and many different wellness retreats to choose from. There are spa retreats, boot camps, diet, and transformational retreats. If you are looking for a deeper, spiritual experience, retreats in Southeast or South Asia, for example, will offer traditional medicine programs where your healing happens at the source.

Finding the right wellness retreat for you will depend on a few factors including how far you are willing to travel and your purpose. Some retreat programs can be exhausting so it is important to read all the information and ask all your questions before committing.

Are you ready to book your next wellness retreat? If you have been on one before, what was the best part of your retreat experience?  If any of these reasons I listed above, resonated with you, let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me! If you need guidance on finding the right wellness retreat for you, feel free to send us a question or book a call with us!

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  1. Sheila S

    I like the idea of a wellness retreat! I need to take one myself. What is Ayurvedic therapy? Do you have another blog or video of this therapy?

    • Dr. Melanie

      Hi! Great question! Ayurveda is the science of self-healing from Ancient India. It is the oldest known form of healthcare. I have written a blog article on my health website on Ayurveda: www.nakedtruthbydrmelanie.com. Look up the June 5, 2024 blog article! I will be writing more about Ayurveda on this blog very soon so stay tuned!

  2. kristen feuerstein

    Oh wow ! This made me realize I have been missing out . A wellness retreat sounds like just the medicine I need to reset my body, mind and soul . Would love to learn more about the variety of retreats available to choose from.

    • Dr. Melanie

      Thank you for reading! I will be doing a feature on one of the Ayurvedic Retreat Centres I stayed at. It was therapeutically magical! I hope you find yourself at a wellness retreat soon!


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