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I never thought I would be applying this education beyond the brick and mortar.

Villa del Balbianello, Como, Italy

So, the time has come. I love patient care and the one on one coaching. But for years, something kept drawing me beyond borders with this insatiable appetite for travel, global cultures and native therapies.
My name is Dr. Melanie. Thank you for stopping by and reading!
After 21 years in practice I realized I can reach more people by writing and teaching while continuing to help my patients remotely. And now, I can also share my global experiences with you.
I was born in Germany and raised in the ultimate melting pot city of Toronto, Canada. In my mid-twenties, I headed for sunny California to pursue my chiropractic education and I decided to stay in the United States. I’m East Indian and I have a Portuguese last name and a German middle name.

Is Travel a Hereditary Trait?

It wasn’t until my father’s death in 2014 that all the inner turmoil of feeling stifled and held back from my life purpose just released. He was the global minded, multilingual explorer who found creative ways during retirement to see the world, long before smart phones and apps. He became a travel agent then a professional dance host on cruise lines. For a while I was living vicariously through him! Six months
after his death, I hit the button on my keyboard and went live with my first blog: Naked Truth by Dr. Melanie”. One hour later, passport in hand I was on my way to the airport to visit family Down Under for
Christmas then on to Bali and Singapore for my first solo travel experience.

I came home, lathered, rinsed and wanted to repeat.

Italy and Portugal, 2016
Return to Bali, 2018
I had several trips abroad growing up, but I still couldn’t get enough. The time in between was spent seeing patients, managing a business, researching, writing and building Restorative Travels.

Doing it After 40

Ok. Who am I kidding? At the time of writing this, I will be 50 soon! I’m not the only one who pressed the
re-start button at this point in life. I’ve been inspired by so many people, both men and women, who
grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to experience life and travel beyond borders. I do want to
remain healthy and fit enough to keep exploring, so I do everything possible to walk my talk in the

“Naked Truth” blog.

Most people who reach out to me are in their thirties to sixties and many of them, experiencing a big
shift: a life changing event, a light bulb moment or health crisis. It seemed like a global epidemic of life
shifting and health deterioration in this age range! We may not be in our twenties anymore, but I can
show you how to make limoncello out of lemons; capitalize on your strengths and your self-healing

abilities to create your own award-winning life stories!

You will learn how to

Enjoy traveling (and life) amongst the logistical, climate and sometimes the politically induced stress!

Minimize to prevent the belly fat, holiday weight gain, fatigue,
Keep your hormones from killing you or someone else.
Embrace or naturally conceal grey hair (if you are blessed with sparkles).
My list is longer than this. And I do it as naturally as possible.

Millennials and remote working entrepreneurs I have something for you too because the stress of
nomadic lifestyle and travels could hit you from left field 10 or 20 years down the road.

You will enjoy this website if

You believe travel isn’t just taking a trip.
You want an experience beyond sightseeing, tours and Instagram worthy landmarks.
You have a curiosity for how others do it somewhere else in the world (live, love, play, age).
You need to recover or rejuvenate and “somewhere out there” is a healing experience for you.
You simply want to regain health or improve it.

Since I can personally check off all of them, this is my passion project, the inspirations behind
Restorative Travels.
For me, travel is an experience that shifts our perspective on life, love and living on a global scale.
Especially when done solo, it teaches you so much more about yourself. I know. And I will share my own
experiences as a solo traveler.
I also write for those who are burnt out, needing an escape, a reprieve and those seeking answers to
stubborn health issues. Anxiety and phobias deny many people the rewarding benefits of travel.

Are you an athlete or corporate traveler ?

Performance is dramatically impacted by travel stress. You will benefit from this website to optimize
your performance in competition or in a boardroom, especially after crossing multiple time zones!


loves to learn and share info on health, nutrition and Ayurveda

is obsessed with travel, food, exercise, the arts, healthy aging and living authentically. Selective details about me and my experiences will be shared on the blog so please follow.

Hence, the comment above.

will revisit my true passion to share with you the health benefits (body and brain) of dance as I travel.

visits local, authentic places, modest and budget accommodations as well as some luxury ones.  After all, it’s nice to treat yourself once in a while. We deserve it! 

In most countries. (Will be explained in the blog)
I will recommend specific places and ordering strategies for certain diets so your restrictions shouldn’t inhibit you from a truly rewarding travel experience!

I’m learning and growing as I go.

I have the same travel anxiety, fears, phobias and safety concerns. Let’s share and support each other!

I Don’t Leave Home Without It.

The research. 

I love to study my destinations before I venture out

And I always reach out to my people who know people and the people who just know.  My friends and colleagues in functional medicine, Ayurveda and chiropractic generously share their wisdom with me. 

And I seek out the healthy cafés, spas, detox therapies and accommodations. Usually when I wander, I meet a new friend, spend an hour or more over a drink and a lovely, inspiring story unfolds. 

Experiencing local healers and practitioners in different countries is part of my continuing education and for my readers, it brings a global perspective to health and well-being.

As a doctor, I deep dive when evaluating service, materials, ingredients, anything to help you find a healthy and enjoyable travel experience. 

Collaborations and sponsorships do not influence my reviews and are disclosed, along with affiliate links, if any, under each relevant article.

I may get analytical but that’s the doctor side of me and well, it may help you make informed decisions!

If health is a priority when you travel, or even at home, then I’m glad you found this website and hope you choose to join me on this journey!

Please keep in mind, this website is not to be construed as medical advice. 

Since I still keep an active license, I need to mention: Please check with your physician before implementing any recommendations or using the information on this website. 

Would you like more health inspiration?

In my natural health blog, I write about several topics such as prevention, healthy aging, autoimmune conditions and brain health. Please visit me there too! 

I’m blessed to have such a big loving, supportive network of friends and colleagues here in North America and around the world. You are my family and you keep encouraging me, especially in my moments of doubt. I hope to visit with each of you soon. 

Thank you for reading!

See you around the 🌏

Dr. Melanie Dias


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