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Disclaimer: and Melanie Dias DC believe in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.  Some of the businesses listed here provided Dr. Melanie with discounts or full reimbursement of services, accommodations, and/ or meals. Unbiased and professional reviews were completed independently of any such sponsorship. Recommendations are not to be construed as medical advice or treatment.  Please read the Health Notice and Affiliate Notice below regarding medical disclaimers, accuracy, and third-party links.     

Lisbon, Portugal – Back2Balance Chiropractic


When in Lisbon, I always get adjusted by Dr. Doug St. Martin. He is exceptional in all aspects of the art and science of chiropractic and really takes the time in explaining care and conditions to his patients. I’ve been there several times and as a colleague, I’ve observed the practice and seen how wonderfully he and his team relate to their patients. The atmosphere is welcoming and exudes natural health without the coldness of a medical centre. Located in the Telheiras area on R. Poe Bocage, it’s a quick metro ride north from the city centre.  Visit Back2Balance here.

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London, UK – London Centre of Indian Champissage

Headaches, tension, travel stress, anti-aging are a few reasons to stop here. This wonderful healing place is the epicenter of Indian Head Massage (Champissage). Located in King’s Cross area of London, it attracts clients and students worldwide. I was fortunate to experience the hands of one of their master trainers. The healing effects of this ancient technique were phenomenal. Champissage was brought to the West from India in the early 1970’s by Narendra Mehta, who was blind since the age of one, and his wife, Kundan. The centre is currently under the ownership and operation of their godson, Moses Chundi and he has done an incredible job expanding global awareness of Champissage through teacher trainings and clinical outreach.  Other health services to indulge in are the natural and marma facelift massage, and the abdominal massage. Visit the London Centre of Indian Champissage here.

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Berlin, Germany – ChiroHouse

I found ChiroHouse online when researching chiropractors in Germany. Their functional approach and experience with sports injuries and prenatal care appealed to me. I got a tour with Dr. Joan, the owner and founder who showed me an impressive facility equipped with all the therapy and rehab facilities you need. His custom hand-made chiropractic table (pictured here) was quite unique and comfortable. Since my visit they have moved their office to Mitte, near the Hackescher Markt. 

If you are a visiting athlete or if you live in Berlin, you’re definitely in good hands with this team! Visit them online here. 


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